Flow Coach is the culmination of a 25-year journey of transformation and growth. It wasn't easy.



Conventional Approaches Failed Me. That's When My Flow Journey Began

I've accomplished a lot of things in my life - writing four books, Ph.D. studies at Princeton, traveling to over 50 countries impacting thousands of people through my work - but what's remarkable for me is that 25 years ago doctors told me I shouldn't challenge myself.


I shouldn't push too hard. Shouldn't try to do too much with my life.


When I was 19 years old I had a breakdown.


I always said that I wouldn't end up like my Dad, and then I did.


Drinking too much, then doing lots of drugs.


I felt broken inside. Traumatized.


A year later my sister Katie committed suicide.


She was my only sibling, and we were very close.


I was devastated. Everything was falling apart.


I dropped out of college and went home to help my family.


Then the terrible panic and anxiety attacks began.


I couldn't even leave the house. Doctors told me I would have to take meds for the rest of my life. I shouldn't set unrealistic expectations for myself. I should accept my fate.


I had all of this trauma, these complex emotions and a drug problem.


The doctors said the solution was to give me more drugs.


Something about that felt deeply wrong.


That's when my real journey began.


I didn't want to take pills to dull the pain.


I wanted to work through it. I wanted to own my feelings and emotions.


I wanted to take back control of my mind from the things I internalized.


The comparisons and judgments to be like everyone else.


The never ending story that buying more stuff would make you happy.


I didn't want to be "normal" in a society optimized around greed, vanity, material possessions.


I knew that would never make me happy.


I knew that I was slowly dying inside trying to live a lie.


Trying to fit in wasn't the answer. It was the problem.


I wanted to awaken to my true nature, who I really was inside.


I began to believe all of that pain was a sign from my real self.


A sign to follow my heart.


To live with purpose and focus.


So I made a decision to heal myself and seek wisdom.


To do whatever it takes to get my life in flow.


I read thousands of books. Devoured everything. 


Religion. Philosophy. Psychology. Quantum physics. Sociology. Comparative mysticism. Consciousness studies.


Returned to school and got perfect grades.


Went from almost failing undergrad to a full scholarship for Ph.D. studies at Princeton.


My research focused on comparative mysticism and awakening.


The flow of consciousness.


I realized there are limits to what books can teach, and limits to therapy.


If I really wanted to heal, I needed to go within.


Take control of my life and go directly to the source.


I practiced meditation and yoga, including long retreats in India and Burma.


I went into the jungle and up into the Himalayas to seek teachers and gurus.


I took their teachings and mixed what I learned at Princeton to create a system.


Ancient and modern. Tradition and Innovation. Living in flow. 


I healed myself and awoke to my true nature.


I intuitively developed a system design my life to flow.


That system enabled me to have an amazing career.


I went from being scared to speak and plagued with anxiety and panic attacks.


To speaking in front of thousands of people and traveling to over 50 countries.


Became one of the first digital nomads, including three years living out of one suitcase.


I became a kind of guru in co-creation and innovation, empathy and purpose. 


I wrote four books and became an internationally recognized expert.


I taught thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators how to build movements around brands.


I interviewed the world's leading innovators like

  • Seth Godin
  • James Altucher
  • Adam Grant
  • Rita McGrath
  • Brian Solis
  • Shane Snow
  • Brad Feld
  • Alex Osterwalder
  • And many many more...

On the outside I became successful, but on the inside I was holding back.


I built a career sharing 10% of what I know, when the other 90% was the most important.


The real secret to my success was my Flow Life Design system


The system to hack my productivity, energy, happiness, habits, lifestyle.


To create new memories, be grateful for what I have, and transform my flow.


To accomplish 5X more than my peers, working 1/3 of the hours.


To escape the rat race of constant multitasking and never-ending to-do lists.


To communicate with empathy, authenticity, vulnerability, and purpose.


To have a meaningful, joyful life with success on my own terms.


Then my good friend and meditation coach Kenneth Folk, the founder of the pragmatic Buddhism movement, asked me bluntly one day at dinner:


"Has anyone ever told you that you're wasting your life doing marketing and consulting? It pisses me off. You should be teaching."


He was right. Good friends are like mirrors.


He asked the question I was scared to ask myself.


When my best friend from high school Tim committed suicide this past year, I knew it was time to teach the system that I developed to conquer my fears, escape my past, and find my true purpose.


I was scared to share because of shame and guilt of my past.


Well I'm tired of holding back, it's time to share what I learned.


That's what I call Flow Life Design. 


It's a system that integrates my Ph.D. research at Princeton with everything I learned teaching thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators around the world.


The system of teachings from 25 years of spiritual practice and seeking.


The system I developed to travel for 10 years while building a successful career.


I distilled thousands of books, a lifetime of experiences and practices into a system that anyone can master.


It's the system I wish someone taught me 25 years ago.


Now I'm making it available for the first time.


When your inner life flows, everything flows.


Health, wealth, relationships.


Empathy, vision, gratitude.


Product, marketing, sales.


Entrepreneurship, innovation, impact.


Don't hold yourself back like I did.


Take the first step towards getting your life into flow.

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