Flow Coach builds upon 25 years of experience from founder David Passiak. Here are a few kind words

David really cleared up what I need to be concentrating on for a strong foundation to build my business. And foundation is everything.


Having clarity with that will ensure that everything you work for will actually last and have the potential to keep growing, and that's the most important thing.

Urwah Kamran

Founder, Your Skin Confidence

David helped me craft my story when I was at the last and critical phases of launching my first book, and also in the early stages of scaling up my organization - two challenges combined. 


What I appreciate the most is that David didn't hand me the solutions - but equipped me with provoking questions, helpful exercises and leading structures so that I could do it myself, for my current mission as well as for the ones that will follow in the future.

Davida Ginter

Author, CEO Enkindle Global

David is an empathetic visionary - able to connect with people and subjects which have cascading impact. He sees the way things are, and he still believes we can get to the way things could be.

Frank Speiser

Co-Founder, SocialFlow

David is one of the most enlightened leaders I have ever met, he is fully aware about the importance of the emotional and spiritual dimension when it comes to any social interaction.


It is inspirational to see his commitment to learning and exploring the vastness of religions and in general human knowledge, and to see how he connects that with a vision for the future of humanity.

Roberto Scaccia

Serial Entrepreneur

David Passiak is an intelligent, inspiring, creative and caring human being. He wants you to have a better life in a better world and he has innovative and fast methods to build success quickly.

Padraig Purcell

Results Coach

David is one of the few people that grasp the interconnectedness of societal, spiritual and pragmatic aspects of our modern lives.


He manages to simplify complex narratives and strategies in a form which can be easily understood, making knowledge actionable for his students and clients. 


All of David's storytelling resonates well with my personal strivings to lead a better more open and meaningful life encompassing the society we live in.

Ivan Dzheferov

Serial Entrepreneur

David is kind and caring, visionary and strategic.  I would trust and recommend him for myself or to work with anyone in my network - he is a rare type of kind and inspiringly forward- thinking leader and teacher.

Dina Kaplan

Founder, COO, The Path

Never settling for the conventional, David is a true innovator that also views the world through the lens of endless curiosity and optimism. A great colleague, a true friend and a positive globally minded force that the world sorely needs today.

Jussi Solja

Founder, The Sexy Beast

David is an authentic soul who uses emotive language, self experience and an optimistic view to tackle the challenges we all face together. He focuses on compassion, empathy and understanding and leads with kindness and love. 

Robb Meier

Disruptor, The Biased Public

David is an amazing conscious and thoughtful leader, who cares deeply about improving the world through impactful technologies and cultural structures. He is a truly amazing individual


Matt McKibbin

Co-Founder, AMMA Healing

David is a strategic deep thinker, oriented to action unstopqble learner in constant evolution and re-invention. Indeed it's the moment of Flow!

Marie Reig

Freelance Creative

David has been an inspiration for me to explore new external business markets across Europe, Middle East and beyond, as well as explore my inner space, as he helps to remind us to be thoughtful, mindful, and deliberate.

Jeremiah Owyang

Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights

David deeply understands how conscious leadership requires empathy and compassion.


I recall an instance in my own life where he advised me against vocalizing feelings of being angry and hurt, encouraging me to appreciate the perspective of the other person. He was right - and had I followed his advice, I might have resolved a conflict and preserved an important relationship. 


David knows that we need to reflect and listen beneath the surface noise of social media and our reactionary thoughts. He cares about virtue and the greater good, even if it goes against popular opinion. He will push you to do what’s right and tell you the tough things you need to hear


Theo Horesh

Philosopher, Author

David has a rare gift to reveal and communicate what motivates and inspires us.


As an artist and creative who loves to do everything at scale - from massive murals on buildings, to collaborative art shows with hundreds of female-identified nonbinary artists - I’m such a visual intuitive person that it can be hard for me to explain in words what I do or why I do it.


David asked the right questions to help me open up and draw out the source of my inspiration, and then articulate it back in a way that captured the essence of my work. He helps us tap into our collective consciousness and presents a vision of hope for the future.

Christine Finley

Artist, Founder and Curator of the Every Woman Biennial

David is the best storyteller and marketing / innovation strategist I know. We collaborated on three different startups where he led international teams to build their mission, story, brand, business model and go-to-market strategy. 


David used a non-technical, intuitive approach that integrated each person’s perspective and built consensus to bring the team together around a shared purpose. These were very complex projects and he simplified and streamlined everything for the launch.


He is empathetic and passionate about having a positive impact on the world, and he has the systems and tools to guide you.

Bora Obucina

Co-Founder, Core-Chain

David is at the forefront of work on consciousness, transformation and innovation. He took our team through a deep and intuitive process to pull out creative insights and ideas creating a clear company story and purpose. 


As a consultant myself, I love how his approach to flow connects inner work with the flow of leadership, teams, and innovation. This is really powerful stuff!


Brad Axelrad

Founder, Face Your Dragon

I met David in 2008 when he led marketing for an innovative startup where we were colleagues.


Within 6 months he was promoted to lead sales too, replacing the entire senior sales team even though he had no previous sales experience.


David has a unique gift to simplify the story of complex technologies and business models for all types of stakeholders - businesses, nonprofits, agencies, brands - and he is passionate about how innovation can have a positive impact on the world.


I would recommend him to anyone in my network.

Audrey (Pukash) Bilsborrow

Tech Entrepreneur

David’s coaching helped me find flow practices that increase energy, enhance focus, and unlock creativity and ideas.


As a creative, meditation never really appealed to me very much, but his short 2-5 minute flow practices are different. I can integrate them into the context of my busy day to help transition through complex responsibilities and different roles.


On top of that, he helped me create a fluid approach to brand positioning, partnership strategies, and storytelling around the launch of my latest company. When inner life flows, everything flows.

Derrick Cruz

Professor of Creative Entrepreneurship, New School,  Serial Entrepreneur

David has demonstrated novel, creative, and pragmatic approaches to understanding and defining complex challenges.


His ability to contextualize, understand, and explain to others is a rare skill. He is a gifted communicator and I strongly recommend his to work others.

Dan Stein

Founder, Cuisine Lab

David always offers me unique perspectives into complex issues. I'm always taken aback with his insights.


He is an independent and original thinker and doesn't follow trends...if anything, he could be real trend setter.


I've known David since 2001 and think he is one of the most genuine people I've met...someone who really walks the walk and inspires through practice.

Nasser Bin Nasser

Managing Director- Middle East Scientific Institute for Security

Having known David for a number of years now, he continues to impress with his humanity, refreshing clarity and sincere openness about life, the universe, and everything.

Rik Willard

Founder and Managing Director

Agentic Group

I've known David for a number of years. I consider him to be part of my inner circle of human beings because at his core, he is just all about helping his fellow human (and hu[woman]). He has an uncanny ability to bring a sense of calm and peace to me whenever we catch up​

Andrew Lockhart

Curator/Art Dealer - Black Swan Projekts

I met David as we were launching the Serendipia Limitless Innovation Camp in Thailand and we were looking for the thought leaders at the cutting edge of co-creation, social impact and a higher consciousness for humanity.


David really helped to lay the foundation for this new way of thinking, this new way of leveraging technology to build more meaningful relationships focusing on co-creation and social impact.


I highly recommend David as a social innovation thought leader in an age that is in desperate needs for such personality. I look forward to work more with David in the future on Serendipia or other endeavors!

Jean-Loïck Michaux

Founder, Serendipia

David lives and breaths on the cutting edge of the future of society!​

Michael Sillion

Captain Future

David's is quick in understanding complexities presented to him. His thoughtful & actionable advice has always been deeply appreciated. I hope to work with him for a long time to come

Oliver Sauter

Founder, WorldBrain

It has been beautiful to watch David live all of his dreams. I met him over 15 years ago and watched hime shape shift and evolve and live his most authentic and courageous life. Bravo brother

Angela M. Lammers

Life Coach and Massage Therapist with Maui Aloha Wellness

David is a bright and dynamic being with high perceptions and clarity on the emerging future. His words and actions have had a lasting impact on our community.

Jerome Le Carrou

Founder and Executive Director at NEXSTEP

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